The Guided Words: A Journey Inspired by Divine Intervention

Introduction: Welcome to “The Guided Words” blog Today I would like to share the incredible story of how the scripture-inspired podcast came into existence. This is a testament to the power of faith and divine intervention, as I recount the moments when God spoke to me, guiding my path to create a podcast that spreads His words to the world.

The Call to Start Something New: It all began with a profound sense of purpose and a calling from God. In a moment of spiritual clarity, I felt compelled to use my voice to share His teachings, and it became evident that a podcast would be the ideal medium for this mission. I humbly accepted the responsibility and embarked on a journey guided by the hand of God.

Divine Inspiration: The Exact Name Revealed: As I contemplated the name for the podcast, I sought divine guidance. Miraculously, God bestowed upon me the exact name: “The Guided Words.” It was an unmistakable sign that this podcast would be a conduit for His message. Filled with gratitude and awe, I embraced the name, recognizing the significance of being chosen as His messenger.

Initial Struggles and Seeking Validation: With great enthusiasm, I recorded three episodes and eagerly shared them with a couple of people. However, the feedback I received initially was not what I expected. The first person likened it to my previous podcast, and the second person expressed disappointment, expecting more scriptural content. These comments were disheartening and made me question my direction.

A Second Divine Nudge: In my moments of uncertainty, as I cried out to God for guidance, I was met with His comforting presence once again. He spoke to me, asking if I was willing to try again and spread His words this time. Encouraged by His unwavering faith in me, I embraced His invitation, knowing that the journey ahead would be even more transformative.

Armed with renewed purpose and a deep sense of conviction, I rededicated myself to the podcast, aligning every episode with God’s divine teachings. I delved into scripture, prayerfully seeking inspiration, and allowing His words to flow through me. I knew that my true calling was to create a podcast that would touch hearts, illuminate minds, and lead people closer to Him.

Now, as I stand on the precipice of a new chapter, I am ready to share “The Guided Words” with the world. This podcast represents a beautiful collaboration between the divine and human, as I become an instrument for God’s message. With every episode, I hope to uplift, inspire, and encourage our listeners to deepen their connection with the divine.

Conclusion: “The Guided Words” podcast is a testament to the power of listening to the divine call and surrendering to the will of God. Through initial challenges and divine interventions, I have learned that it is not about my expectations or the opinions of others but about faithfully spreading His message. As I embark on this new journey, I invite you to join me, allowing God’s words to touch your soul and transform your life.

Together, let us embark on this magnificent adventure, walking hand in hand with God as He guides us through “The Guided Words.” May God’s wisdom and love be with you always.

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