Speaking Faith into Existence: A Journey of Hope and Healing

In this heartfelt episode of “The Guided Words,” join your host, Benel, as he delves into the profound connection between spirituality and self-expression. This episode is not just a conversation; it’s a journey through the power of faith and the impact of our words in the darkest times. Benel shares a deeply personal and moving story about his son’s miraculous recovery from a life-threatening accident, offering listeners a beacon of hope and strength. Drawing inspiration from scripture and personal experience, this episode explores how our faith isn’t just a belief we hold but a force we speak into existence. It’s a testament to the power of prayer, the strength of conviction, and the miraculous ways in which our spirituality can manifest in our lives. Engage with Benel and the community as they share stories of resilience, discuss the role of faith in personal trials, and explore how to authentically express our beliefs. This episode is not only a narrative of survival but an invitation to reflect on how we communicate our faith in our everyday lives. Join us for an episode filled with inspiration, and remember – you are loved, you are important, and you are guided.

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